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Interpreting Services

ai Language Services offers professional consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services, including liaison or companion interpreting services. Our network of interpreters covers most major cities throughout the U.S., Canada and Japan.

We offer the finest, most fluent interpreting services for a wide array of disciplines. Many of our conference interpreters are credentialed by recognized entities including the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) and the U.S. State Department. Our legal interpreters are certified and accredited to interpret in both State and Federal courts.

ai Language Services provides interpreting services in a variety of settings such as:

Press Interviews
Focus Groups
Business Meetings
Court/Legal Proceedings
Exhibitions and Tradeshows
Technical Engineering Meetings
Employee/Liaison Training
Site Visits
Consecutive Interpreting
Consecutive interpreting requires the interpreter to speak after the source language speaker has finished speaking. A pause is necessary between passages in order for the interpreter to be heard. This mode is often used in depositions, hearings or small group meetings. Consecutive interpreting requires excellent skills in memory and note-taking and a good understanding of the nuances inherent with each respective language.
Simultaneous Interpreting
In simultaneous interpreting the interpreter immediately renders the message in the target language while the source language is being spoken. The simultaneous interpreter is therefore skilled in listening and speaking at the same time. Simultaneous interpreting is commonly used for speeches delivered in conference environments. It is common practice for two or three interpreters work as a team, alternating turns. Interpreting equipment is usually necessary to transmit their translation.

Interpreting Equipment Rental Services
ai Language Services offers assistance with your equipment rental needs, including transmitters, microphones, wireless headsets, booths, etc., for use at events, meetings and conferences. Please contact us by phone or e-mail to coordinate the details.
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